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Graphic Nothing - Gary Andrew Clarke$

Here his notes about his work and life : 

Graphic Nothing is the pen (or rather mouse) name of Gary Andrew Clarke.

The work on view here is a selection of work created by me over the last four years. Since it often falls into three main preoccupations - shapes, landscapes & patterns - I have divided the work into these categories.

As it seemed that what I was producing was neither graphic design, nor graphic art (at least by my own definition), that Graphic Nothing seemed a good description. Make of it what you will.

All the work has been drawn using Adobe Illustrator. Based on hand drawn sketches. Nothing has been generated, composed, or constructed using computer software. Colours & shapes are of my own choosing & choices.

It is possibly of no surprise that I am fascinated by the Concrete / Geometric artists - Herbert Bayer, Max Bill, László Moholy-Nagy, Theo van Doesburg, Frank Stella, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian, Bauhaus - far more than modern ‘celebrity’ graphic designers.

I was born & raised in a 1970s Leicester (middle of England, middle of nowhere). My early ambitions to become either an entomologist (insects), palaeontologist (fossils), space ship model maker or cosmologist never happened.

I studied Graphic Design in Leicester & Manchester (BA Hons, etc).

I worked for many years in the music industry performing graphic design for many bands & many independent records labels - most notably with Andy Votel & Twisted Nerve.

I live in Manchester. In a Box. With a Fox. & Socks.

I like biscuits.”

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